Speedo Cable Help!

I just bought a '90 Integra with a JDM B20B swap. There’s some work needing to be done to the steering and suspension but the motor and tranny are pretty sound.
I noticed immediately that the speedo doesn’t work and I started researching. It seems my speedo cable is disconnected from my transmission. I don’t mean the
cable itself. I mean the “housing” that the cable goes into just pulls right out of the transmission with NO effort. When I lift it up, the gear for the cable comes with it.
I’m wondering if I just need to give it a good push to snap it in, if it bolts in somewhere, if there’s a clip of some sort that holds it in, or what? How does that “housing”
attach properly to the transmission?

Thanks guys! I’m looking forward to many years with this car.

Wrong section but the speedometer bolts in and the cable clips in. Still using the cable trans? If you are then just bolt it in and you should be good to go.

The vss in my car is from an ef and doesn’t fasten to the transmission in any way. It just sits in there. If its installed correctly then you shouldn’t be able to pull it out with little effort. You may need a slight tug

the speedo cable is to be fastened w/ a clip…you probably have to order that clip to fasten it

I didn’t scroll down enough to see the other topics. Sorry about that. After this issue is resolved, I’ll delete it if i can. Unless an admin wants to move it.
I’ll have to see if i can bolt it down. I think I heard something about a conversion once to get rid of the cable but for now I just want the speedo working.

It sounds like you’re missing the bracket for it. Here’s a pic of it.