speedo cable question

Ok guys I have been driving around without my speedo cable hooked up for a couple months now. Is this in anyway harming the performance of my car? Does it put it in some sort of safe mode of some sort? My car is an auto just to let you know. Thanks for the help guys.

speed cable doesnt have anything to do with performance. but it will be a good idea to keep it hooked up so you can keep track of your mileage and oil change times. besides that, it wont harm anything.

Don’t know how old this thread is, but I just took my clust out to fix a prob. now I can’t put the cable back on my had does not fit back there, is there any other way of getting behind the cluster…allso the last shop that worked on it took the head that conects to the cable off, and now its just a cable wire that runs up behind the speedometer

I had that problem when I took my gauge cluster out. I actually snapped the conectr right off the damn cable. So I epoxied the conector back on then had to find a way to get it back on . your right there is no room what so ever, but I actually got it back on. It was tight and my hand barely fit back there but it can be done. I read somewhere that if you take off the paneling under the stearing wheel and take all that shit out, you can get to the back of the gauge cluster to put it back on.

Vern gave me an idea to put the cable back ( for thouse that have fat hands like me) you take the cable off the the trany very easy, and pull the cable from the dash toward you, now you have room to place it , I found out the I need a new cable so I will have to oreder from the dealer, one thin though, my check engine light is on, mabe cause the cable is not there?