Speedo cable

I was installing a pair of indiglo gauges in my teg and when i went to pull the speedo out i pulled the cable out and now i cant get it back in, i drove it no mph or miles and the check engine light came on (Is that normal?) i was just looking for tips on putting it back in
HELP ME:( :frowning:

If you did what i think you did, you are probably better off picking up a used speedo cable. you probably pulled the cable out of the locking connecter at the instrument side. you can try to push it back in but it can prove to be a bitch., If the’s what happened.

I can’t remember if our cars put out a an engine code for the vehicle speed sensor. i know the newer cars do. In our cars, the vehicle speed sensor is located on the actual instrument cluster, whille newer cars without speedo cables use electronic sensors right on the tranny. But you should check your code.

yeah my speedo cable some how got while driveing disconected but now my checkengine light comes on every once in a while. so checked the ecu to see what code it was throwing and it was throwing a code 17 witch is vehicle speed sensor. so yeah i think the light is normal if your speedo cable is diconected but i have no idea how to fix it. i still havent fixed mine and i have been driving like this for a week now. but if i were you i would check to see what code you are throwing just to make sure. hope this helps a little

oops i kind of got my word mixed up a little there, i probably should have reread it before submiting it, sorry
hope you under stand what im saying.

same happened to me whenever i installed my home made guages. Nothing would register, but the light was on. So i jiggled it, and disconnected and put it back on. It took me many tries, but i eventually got it to work again

most likely throwing code 17 VSS. You need to take the guage cluster back out and reconnect the cable. Easiest way to do it is to unplug the cable from the tranny, (dont lose the retaining clip!) and feed the cable back into the cabin so you have more cable to work with. Plug it into the cluster then put it back together without screwing everything back together and plug it back into the tranny. Go test drive it around the block to check if its working. Then put everythnig back together. If your cable is broken just go pick one up from your local dealer…I beleive its 25 dollars or so…HTH