Speedo Cable

Cannot seem to get it off. im trying to replace my lights because i think they went out… my gas light dosent come on when im low so im trying to change that. When i reach back there i can unclip only the side where the temp gauge is at. After that i cannot get any of the clips out or the speedo cable help!

I was serching and found info about the light. Is it possible that the fuel sending unit could be out. becuase the sensor did work at one point until i got some subs and a deck installed in my car

could be ur sending unit. for the speedo cable u gotta push it in towards the cluster as u squeeze the tab thing and THEN pull it away from the cluster.

ya it worked fine now since i got the stero and spearkers and amp installed it stopped working. In my head the bulb went out. And i cant even get behind the clusted to even reach the speedo. not to mention i have small hands lol

Easiest way for me was to remove it from the tranny, if you remove your intake you will be able to see it and theres a clip you take off and it pulls up then pull your cluster towards you and it should give you some more slack to get your hands back there.

Thanks that was a help. I didnt even know where the tranny was so now i know maybe i will do it tommrrow. would you happen to know if auto zone or pep boys sells the cluster lights?

They might wouldn’t hurt to ask, personally i’ve never bought them from there I did the led conversion and ordered them online. Goodluck with that though.

damn lol well i found a cluster at the junk yard with the lights and just took em maybe they will work

well i found out yesterday my gas light indicator works. only thing is that now it stopped working. i have no clue why? what kind of issue could this be?

This sound more like a problem with the ICU or other. Perhaps you should post this in the electrical forum.

i did and no replies :frowning: