Speedo off by at least 15 mph or more! Help!

Okay, I have a new problem. I have replaced the entire cluster and plugged everything back in where it was supposed to go. I pulled out the speedo cable and did the clean and lube for it. It went back in exactly as it was supposed to.
Now my speedo works but it is off by at least 15 mph? It is really slow to react when driving? I am almost in 3rd gear when it displays around 25 mph!
What would cause this problem? It is an LS cluster and matches everything from the old cluster.
Please help, this is annoying now! LOL!!

Well it can only be a bad speedo, cable or drive unit.:hmm:94

This speedo was purchased and seems to work fine when testing it with a variable speed drill. I made sure the cable is clean and not broken and it is plugged into the tranny with the clip.
I used an actual grease from Valvoline to lube the cable. Do you think the lube is slowing down the cable? I was thinking about pulling out the cable and cleaning it and lubing it with motor oil instead?

I put my money on the speedo, as the cable is mechanically driven, I don’t know how it could be slowed down unless it or the drive unit is broken.:shrug:94

Kinda irritates me because I bought the cluster a few months back in anticipation of replacing my other broken speedo. Now I have two broken speedos. I guess I have extra cluster pieces now like a fuel gauge, temp gauge, etc…

Did you spin the trans end cable after inserting it into the cluster? I think if you do that in the wrong direction too fast or too much you will move the needle on the pin.

I did use the drill to make sure it worked before I put the entire cluster back in the dash. You are probably right about the needle being off. Is there any way to repair the needle calibration?

I am looking for another cluster in case this one is shot!


Unless there’s already a write up about it (speedo fix?) and you’re not crazy about tearing into the front of the cluster to hold the needle stable at speed while you slow down 15 mph, I’d option for a different cluster. Or, do like a friend of mine who duct tapes a Garmin GPS to the dash and sets it on travel speed.

So is the gauge always 15MPH slow or is it incremental?
at 55 is it 25 slow or 15 slow?
If it is always 15 slow then it would be a gauge problem in my opinion.
if it were the cable or drive unit ii would think the amount that it is off would be fluctuating with speed.

I think I may have figured out why it is off…the cluster is for a ABS equipped vehicle. Mine is non-ABS. I put a non-ABS one in today and it works flawlessly. Damn ABS could be the culprit!
Anybody need a LS cluster with low miles listed? 122,000 on the clock. $40.00 plus shipping.

i can see absolutely no reason why the abs is going to make any bit of diff in the speedo. when my cable first started going back, it was ovv by 10mph, just go to honda and buy a speedo cable, its cheap, took me about 10 minutes to put in, and 100% fixed my speedo.

I have narrowed down the issue to the instrument cluster. The cable, connector, transmission are fine.
I may have just bought a cluster with a bad speedo or it has something to do with the ABS?