speedo stop working

hey i got my car and the speedo isnt working how do i go about fixing it? thanx in advance.

gotta get a new cable… bout 30 bucks at your local acura dealer

or check to make sure it is plugged in cable comes out of the fire wall just follow it.

it’s called a “Power Steering Speed Sensor”. My speedo quit working in my 90 LS and i found out that was the problem. The bracket that the screw went into broke off, so the speed sensor was just sorta floatin around. i had to put it back into place, maybe once a week.

It’s located mid-engine near the firewall. Hope that helps :0

The same thing happen to mines. I just took off the PS speed sensor and took it to muffler shop and they welded the bracket where that one screws goes and the problems was fixed. But from 0-30mph its bounces a little.

i had this problem when i got my car out of the shop, it turned out that the speedo gear in the back of the instument cluster had rounded out. you might check that. good luck :smiley: