speedometer cable ?

I’ve searched for this and didnt see anything

last week I noticed my speedometer wasn’t working and when I checked to see if it was plugged into the tranny I noticed that the piece that the clip goes on had come off the casing that you feed the cable through when you grease the cable, I didnt have time to mess with it so i just put everything back in place like I found it. When I checked today to try and fix it I noticed the cable had come out of the casing and was touhcing the ground it was still plugged into the tranny and it looks like it came out from the speedometer, now i’m not sure if the cable snapped or just wore down from scraping the ground while driving. I just wanted to see if anyone knows how long the cable is and if you also get a new casing that covers up the cable when you buy a new one from the dealership or just the cable itself. Thanks

i had to order a new speedo cable housing because mine was tore up…it came with the housing plus the cable…HTH…

Thanks man was the housing hard to put in ?

it was time consuming for me b/c i didn’t want to think of a creative way to do it…i juss guided it through…but the easiest/fastest way would be to take your cluster out…and tape the new speedo housing to the end of the old one…tape it real good, that way when u pull the housing out from the firewall the new on will go through with it…then just untape it and plug everything back up…plug it up at the cluster first…then put the cluster and everything back in and reinstall ur dash pieces etc…then plug it up at the tranny…HTH

Thanks man i appreciate it. Thats a very good way to replace it i would’ve never thought about that myself.