Speedometer cable

This are pics of the cable, how and what parts are needed to get it fixed?
I’ve never had a car with this mechanism.

Also, the gauge cluster is missing some lights, pretty noticeably at night, I can’t see some needles. I hit a podhole the other day and they came back, now they’re off again.
Is this common with this cars? I took it off and all saw nothing wrong.

It looks like the end of the cable broke off and stayed attached to the cluster. Pull back that big white clip and slide that metal assembly off the back of the cluster, then dig around under the hood and disconnect the other end from the transmission. You’ll need to put in a new cable. When you pull out the old cable, tie a string to one end and use it to guide the new cable back through the dash. As far as the lights go, try cleaning up the contacts with some steel wool and while you’re at it I recommend that you put all new bulbs in, you don’t want to go back for a few random bulbs a couple of months from now.

Push on the white tab that is one the back of the speedometer and pull the end cap off. that is to go back on the end of the speedo cable. However you may as well put in a new one, since at this age they tend to make squeaking sounds. I just replaced mine recently. Run a search for the part number on here and tips to install it.
Bulbs can be replaced, they are cheap. #79 and #196 I believe, do a search for the bulb sizes.
Good luck.

I did the same thing with my cable and it bounced after that so if you dont want a bouncing speedo you should get a new one(if ur not lucky like me it mite not even bounce lol). If you dont know were its located in the engine bay have a friend wiggle it from the dash while you look at it in the engine bay. It should be closer to the driver side behind the intake manifold if im not mistaken. Then lead it to the engine and walla if u goten this far then the rest is cakes.

I know where it is, I just didn’t know how to pull it from the cluster, I was affraid I was gonna break something.
One thing about the bulbs, I don’t think they’re bad because a ran through a speed bump a little hard and all the lights were lit all of a sudden, so I’m thinking it’s more like a wiring problem behind the cluster, thanks I’ll get to it this weekend.

the end of the speedo cable is just a plastic pin with one flattened side that slides into the back of the gauge. Once you pull that white clip back it should slide out no problem. I really wouldn’t recommend trying to put it back together, just spring for a new one, they’re not that much.

I suppose the other end just clicks right in the speed sensor?
Thanks I’m not trying to fix that cable, I already got another one in good condition.

Yeah, there’s just a spring clip around the collar of the speed sensor, just pull it off with a pair of needlenose pliers and it will slide out, the pin looks just like the one in the back of the cluster.

Thanks for your help everyone!!!