Speedometer/odometer not working, can't align the pin with back of speedometer

i took off my gauges too see if i wanted to tackle the task of putting in new gauges… after i put the gauges back in the speedometer/odometer/trip odometer dont work and the engine light came on…

after that i took it back apart again and noticed that there is a little pin that sticks out and rotates when you drive to show the car how fast you are driving that you have to line up with this hole on the back off the speedometer, except its all dark and i cant see how to fit the pin into it… if the car notices that you are driving but the odometer isnt going would that be what caused the engine light to go on? i checked the oil and its full so thats not why the light is on…

your speed sensor is not hooked up, check that out

It’s a bitch to connect, but it’s possible.

I did it 3 times now.

I disconnect it it from under the hood, to give me some slack.
Plug the stack from inside, to make it easier to connect, then put the gauge cluster back in place, and then plug the slack from under the hood and connected it.

wheres the speed sensor and how do you hook it up?

i took off the clear plastic piece from the front of the gauges and i was able to fit my hand back there and i got the speedometer cable into the back off the speedometer but it still doesnt work, i made sure that it was all the way in and pushed it until it clicked from the clip latching on in the back… i was thinking maybe it got undone from under the hood or whatever that speed sensor thing is…?

i didnt notice this at first but whenever i drive now the speedometer cable spins like its supposed to but its not in the back of the speedometer and it makes a clicking noise from hitting stuff that isnt too loud but if you have the music on low-mid volume u can hear it and it gets annoying…

I have that rattling too. Only my speedo works up to about 30 mph then falls to zero. the engine light comes on after that.

wow you must have looked farrrrrrrr back to find this thread…

i just got an email saying someone replied.

hey look dave replied! before he hated me :frowning:

haha, i don’t hate you. Did you get it working?

nah never bothered to take all that apart again. i know what speed im going from RPM vs Gear so i never bothered. someone told me it was probably a speed sensor gone bad because even when i did get the pin to line up the speedo wouldnt go…

did you get the email i sent you a couple days after dustins party dave? the appology?

speaking of this i gotta fix mines too but the only bad part is the clip that stays on the cluster busted so i just gotta stick the spinning thing back in … does anyone know how much the cable cost .?

please dont flame. im having trouble finding the post that hade pics of how to take the speedo cable out from under the hood. any help?