Spring Compression

I have to say that the Spring Compression Teg Tip worked beautufully! My spring compression kit did not fit in the Teg springs gaps, so I tried this method. A friend of mine also did this on his CRX.


I have pics coming of the steps I took to wrap the springs :slight_smile:

Or rent a spring compressor from Autozone for free (deposit). :think:

I did it that way when I first lowered my car, works great, and is really safe. I’ve since done it other ways too:

  1. Place the spring/strut assembly in a box, cut a hole for the top to come out of, unscrew the top bolt and let the assembly “blow” up inside the box.

  2. Put the spring/strut assembly on the ground, step on the spring, make sure its not pointed at anything or anyone. Use impact driver to remove the top nut. It’ll pop and some parts will shoot across the floor…but its not dangerous as long as no one is standing right in the line of fire.

sometimes they don’t fit. Thats originally why I did it the above method. I went to every autoparts store in my town and NONE of them had a spring compressor small enough for our springs. Also, from my experience using spring compressors when working on our mazda, my brother’s impreza and my mom’s old maxima…they’re a huge pain in the ass. I’d actually prefer not to use one if possible. Thats why its nice that our stock springs are only compressed a little, so its not very dangerous to not use a spring compressor.

paper bag works good with a lightly gripped combination wrench…ala Gen2gsr method :wink:

I thought the same thing untill I found out that both spring compressor kits I bought don’t fit in the Honda/Acura coil spaces.

And for the time it would take to crank one down I’d have all four done using the towel trick. I couldn’t believe how good it worked.

I tried one like #2. Besides stepping on the spring I put the socket up against the wall and the lower end only went 2 feet.