Spring help.

okay guys, as you know, I live in TN. The home of the great smokey mountion national park, less than 10 min away. I want a performance spring with a zero drop. With all the gravel/dirt/rough/steep mtn roads on the ridges of the mountians, I don’t want to beat the shit outa my bumper. any info is highly appriciated.

i dont think theres springs with zero drops , unless its the stocks , but you can get some coilovers and set them to 0 drop , i think thats the closest you can get

no, My Eibach ground control coilovers are trashed due to the roads I live on. heh, hence the springs. Maybe some neuspeed sport springs with washers between the shock tower and the tower housing. I have already had to lose my lip racing up and down my road pretending like I’m a rally driver [you can drift a FF car on gravel w/o the e-brake at above 40 mph (braking drift)]. Ayso the auto tranny you can set in 2 and you don’t have to much torque where you cant hook up on gravel, and the motor helps brake when you are going 50mph. Ayso watter already comes in my doorjams when I cross my driveway. now I guess you know why I don’t have a CAI.

I guess I’d recommend Eibach Prokit springs as a second choice. Supposedly they’re a pretty good spring setup, and they only lower your car about an inch. Couple that with Koni Yellows on the highest perch and you’d be real close to stock, with way better handling. Add a good sway bar setup and you’d be set.

  • Jim