springs...will they fit?

Hey guys, j/w if springs from a 94-2001 teg would fit my DA, or civic springs. My buddy has accord coilovers on his civic… so it got me thinkin!

No, springs from 94+ integra and civics will not work. If you look at the rears from a DC teg, they are MUCH shorter and this is the same with the civic springs. You will have a major uneven drop.

However, coilovers from these cars will work with your car, although they may have diff spring rates. HTH.

they are MUCH shorter

holly crap,

i just realized that means i prolly have 94-01 springs then. my springs are so short in the back that they come way loose when i jack the car up. the rear tires tuck almost to the rim in the back … does that sound right from what you know about it?


yeah, id say you either have 94+ springs or civic springs.

a way to tell for sure, is take your stock springs and compare the width of them with the lowering springs. the DC springs are about 1" or so wider. HTH.