are the megan racing springs that are sold in ebay any good?? they have their own web site at www.meganracing.com and said to be a brand form japan… i’m planning on dropping mah integ do you guys think i will need a camber kit if im only dropping it 1.75" on all sides?? is 1.75 enough to make it sit right? or should i get it lower? thanks for your help guys…

Thier site only had springs listed for G3 tegs which wont fit our cars.

I havent bought any of thier products yet so I couldnt tell you if the quality was any good.

Id say just spend $150(shipped) on Neuspeed springs at www.iapdirect.com

Plus your better off spending a little more money than to be dissapointed. Suspension is a pain in the ass to be changing up. I know from experience.

1.8" is a perfect drop (Neuspeed Sport springs)