Spun Wheels - Good or Bad???


I would like to know if Spun Wheels are great wheels or not. What I mean is, yeah they look good but are they reliable?

I may have to do some track time with them and I don’t want them to broke on me in action.

Any info on those? I’ve got hard time finding some.


never heard of them. links?

I like how the spun supamesh looks…

something like that with lots of spokes should be inherently stronger by design, as more spokes means loads are spread more evenly.

I thought “Spun” was a manufacturing process just like “cast” or “forged”.


Anyone have used them in track use?

i never used em on the track but one of my buddies had em on his girl’s ek and the clearcoat started comin off after a while like certain spots but idk if they break easily or not…i’d still rock em’

The clear coat on the lip sucks. It will start chipping off, and you will get spots. They look sic, but if i could pick again i wouldn’t run em.