SQ Stereo Install in my teg- False Floor & speaker pods

I figured I’d post some picture’s of my stereo install I just completed in my teg. The speaker pods have been done for about 5 months and I just got done with the false floor. I stepped down to a 5.25" in the front since a 6.5" would have overhung to much in the pod, but they still provide plenty of midbass output. I still need to buy a second battery and probably a bigger alt. to keep up. Before anyone says anything about getting to the spare, it will be kept behind the drivers seat on any long trips. I’m deciding between subs right now, i’ve got a W6 and a Polk SR10. Below is a breakdown of the equipment. I’m up for any suggestions, I mainly wanted to give people some idea’s for what they could do to their own integra’s

Transport: Eclipse CD8053
Tweeters: Kicker ND25A
Mids: Image Dynamics CX52
Front Stage amp: Eclipse 3242
Sub Amp: Eclipse DA6213
Subwoofer: JL 10W6v2 or Polk SR10-DVC

Clean install, good job!

I like the tweeters but the pods in the door you should wrapped in blue an made a cover. but hay that what i think looks good tho

very nice:up:

very very nice!!!

Very nicely installed setup! Good work.

Thanks for the compliments guys. I tried to find blue vinyl that matched but had no luck so I went with something that would go with it.

Nice work. Just a suggestion here, but if you place your sub to one side or the other, you would have a little more space in your trunk if you had to put something back there. Just my 2 cents.

clean install good job

looks good dude i wanna do my tweeters like that. What pods for the tweets did you use ?

Nice install. Did you make the Tweeter Pods or buy them made like that. That would be a nice upgrade for my upcoming system.

I made the pods myself. Mounted the flush mount cup on a bracket to angle the tweeter and wrapped an old t-shirt around it. Then fiberglassed them in. I’ll be making new pods soon for some Morel MT-23 in a month or so and I’m gonna start on new pods that are molded into the door panel with 6.5".