Squeak Squeak Noise from the back

i have a 91 ls, and i have a really really bad squeaking noise that is in the back. Its pretty loud and whenever i drive you can hear it. Also i can go to the back of the car and press down on the car and hear it also, its not the shocks because i just replace them, also i WD40 the heck out of the shocks/spring area, still doing the same thing. If i didnt have a radio i go nuts! help please, thanks

what condition are your rear bushings? they can cause sqweeks too.

I would say your rear rotors are warped. So long as you don’t have a bad vibration while braking, I wouldn’t worry about it. Pay attention if the noise gets worse or changes in noise, but I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.

i’m having the same problem and its my rear bushings.Haven’t fixed it yet, my local shop wants $300 canadian.Thank god i have a system to save me $300.But i’ll get it done later when i have $300 dollars to spare

Originally posted by mojoGSR92
I would say your rear rotors are warped.

How could it possibily be the rotors if with the car STOPPED and pushing down on the rear, it still squeaks? Many G2’s and G3’s have the same problem. I put tape on the steel loop on the hatch that mates up with the latch on the body. This stopped the rattle for 4-5 days, then the tape wears through. There was some wear on this hoop in one inside corner. I took out the 2 big #3 phillips screws and turned the hoop around 180 degrees and removed the steel shim that’s between the hoop and the hatch. NO MORE RATTLE!! The hatch bcomes a little harder to slam shut but I’ll take that over the damn rattle anyday. Try it without removing the shim first, and if it still rattles try a couple pieces of tape in place of the shim.