squeaking under low rpms

i did a search on this but found nothing really answering my question. whenever i start out in low rpms, or downshift when im slowing down, a squeaking comes from the drivers side, and it sounds like a belt. is this the timing belt? if so can i do something that would stop this squeaking? like some kind of lube. or do i have to get a whole new belt? it only happens under low rpms and when i accelerate the sweaking noise gets faster and then finally quits above 3k rpm or so.

Your timing belt is toothed and will not squeak. Your accessory belts are most likely the culprit (power steering, alternator, a/c). Check the tension of the belts before you go replacing them, but it’s likely one or all of them are nearing the end of their lives.

this is very wierd:

about 5 min ago, i took my car out and decided to see if i could diagnose the problem even more. it is like 1130 here and when i was driving, i decided to turn off my lights to see if that made a difference in the squeaking, and guess what, when i didnt have my lights on, it didnt squeak under low rpms like it did with the lights on. i recently installed projectors on my car with the help of a friend. could some wiring be messed up? :shrug: i tested many times and each time i turned off my lights and slowed down to restart in first, the squeaking never happened. i have no clue what this could be other than maybe bad wiring or something. i alternated with and without lights on, and only when my lights were on did it squeak under low rpms (under3k). if anyone knows what the problem is or whats wrong please tell me! thanks.

oh, for more depth, it sounds liek a squealing ,high pitched. i dont know if this helps any more but ya.

something to do with the alternator since it only happens when u put a load on it. check the belt tension and the bearings.

sounds like the alternator belt - no doubt. Spray some belt dressing on it if its tight enough. It could be glazed. Changing that belt isnt too fun, cus you gotta tear off a couple other to get to it.

yeah i asked my autos teacher about it and he said it prolly just needs tightening, so i am gonna do it tomorrow in class :stuck_out_tongue: and then change my oil while im at it. thanks for all the help guys :slight_smile: