squeaky brakes!

so I was driving last week, and I heard my rear brakes making a lot of squeaking noises, so naturally, I replaced the pads. they were in need of it anyways. it was a quick job, took longer to round up the new pads than it took to replace them. But here is my problem: the rear brakes are still squeaking! I pulled them apart again last night, and couldn’t see anything that could be making that much noise, so I was curious if anyone has had a similar experience with this sort of problem. does anybody have a cure for this? thanx…

Not sure how accurate this is, but I had a similar problem with my front brakes. A friend of mine suggested that it might just be brake dust accumulated on the pads/rotors. Since I just replaced everything, I figure it’s gotta be something along those lines.
Have you got a compressor at home? Try blowing some air across everything next time you take things apart, see if you can kick any dust off.
Again, just a theory. Good luck though. Know how annoying that SCREEEEEEE-EEE-EEEEE sound is man! :smiley:

the old ones were probally squeaking because the indicators were probally starting to wear. The new ones are probally squeeking because there new. They should stop after a while, but if you want, you can go to a autoparts store and buy anti squeel stuff and that will fix it-you put it inbetween the shims and pads

thanx, vtecteg! did the trick! muchos gracias!