squeaky front wheel

Today my car started make the most annoying squeak noise, it sounds like its coming front wheel. I searched because I thought it was the CV boot, but all the CV problems are described as grinding and thunking and it doesn’t do any of that. I don’t think it’s a warped front rotor or anything like that because it doesn’t vibrate or act weird when braking. If this helps it makes a cheep-cheep-cheep noise like a bird. Very annoying I would like to fix/get this fixed as soon as I possibly can. Any help is appreciated, because I don’t want my car sounding like a$$.

I searched :up:

could it be brakes??? just cuz they’re new doesn’t mean they won’t squeak

The brakes aren’t new, but if it is the brakes they will be new soon. I’m going to check it out tomorrow.

I checked it out today and it sounds like its coming from the rear wheel. Finally found a place to drive slow with my head out the window. Right know I think it’s a bearing but I’m not really sure.