Squeaky Noise

whenever i go over a speed bump or the drive way, it squeaks. I just put on 17’s a few months ago and before I had some si rims and my suspension didn’t squeak. I have a kyb gr2’s and neuspeed race springs. Also i have speciality products front camber kit. It never squeaked before so yeah. If it’s the camber kit, how do i fix this?

If the kit has poly bushings, they probably needto be lubricated.

i found out the bushings that make horable noise on my car… its the inside lower control arm bushings… they sorta make a grunt noise if your going fast enuf, since you didnt mention about poly bushings it could be those

as for the rims thing… it may have been the si tim tires gave me flex on the bumps than the smaller sidewall ones u have now… as my smoker has 17s and it makes alot more noise than my red one im fixing up that has the originals (14’s?) but when i had the suspension off yesterday the LCA made more noise on the red one than my smoker