Squealing coming from rear brakes (searched first)

So there’s a noise coming from my rear brakes. It’s a loud squealing noise when I reverse, but as soon as I accelerate it turns into this high-pitched screech that goes on for the entire ride. Can anyone help me please? I searched first but couldn’t find anything. Please and thanks you guys!

I had the same problem with my car when I first got it, just not as extreme. The screeching noise was coming from my rear wheels. I found out that the rear calipers were siezed, so I just replaced them. Screeching noise gone. Try checking your rear calipers . . . just my $0.02

uggghhh man it’s so annoying and it’s my DD… thanks for the help ^^

anyone else?

jack up the car for each rear wheel, give it a spin and see if the rear brakes really are dragging.

sorry man i don’t understand… what do you mean by dragging?

Well as long as the handbrake is released, each rear wheel should spin freely so your gas mileage doesn’t suck.