Squealing coming from the driver side front.

I know must of you are going to say bad belts but its not.
It does not happen at a stop or when I first turn on the car.

The sound is SPEED dependent, the faster I go the fasted the squeal sounds.
I checked tire clearance and it definitely doesn’t rub on the fender or inner wheel plastics.

Could it be a wheel bearing? Does the mid-shaft have a bearing that could be going out?

Those are my two thoughts, if anyone has experienced anything like this let me know what you did to correct the problem.


if it sounds like a hamster wheel squeekin…ur speedo cable on the back of ur cluster needs greased or replaced. mine does it and is very annoyin!

You know that was another thought I had that it could be. I’ll check it out this weekend and let you know if it works for me.