squealing noise when i steer to the right.....

when i’m driving and i steer to the right i hear this squealing noise.i jacked up the car and turned the steering wheel and no noise,only hear it when there is a load on the car. i don’t hear it when i steer to the right.i just lowered my car about a month ago, could this be a reason for anything?the axle on that side of the car is only about a yr old.could this be a lack of lubrication some where?

thanx in advance

Re: squealing noise when i steer to the right…

Check your Power steering belt, as well as fluid level, at the same time look around for any visible leaks at the pump. Good luck!!!

thanx genIIteg but…

if it was my belt or fluid level wouldn’t i hear a noise when i turn both ways?


been having similar problems…noticed that there is moisture on the two hoses leading to the PS pump, where they connect ot the pump. So what’s the deal? Replace the pump, hoses, what, exactly?
ANy help is greatly appreciated guys. :smiley: