Squeeking Springs!!!!!

Okay here is my problem: Ever since I put in my Neuspeed sports I ahve had a mad squeek from every corner of my car every time I drive over a little bump or anything. I am on stock shocks. It is driving me insane!!! Someone please give me some ideas. I am thinking about just blasting the springs with a whole $hitload more grease, just to see if the squeeking is due to rubbing or anything. Let me know what you guys think. Could it be from the shocks???:sad:

i think all your shocks mite be gone, afterall they are stock shocks…

check to see the springs were put in right…
thatz real strange…and make sure the rubber padding inside the top hat is still there…um…on the rear springs, the rubber paddings ON the stock springs should’ve been taken off and put onto the neuspeeds.

thatz all I can think of right now.

I have no problems with my neuspeed race.