sqweeky suspension and steering

I have had this problem for a while and I don’t know if it is my steering rack or bushings, or what. I hear sqweeking noise when i turn my wheels and when I hit bumps. It sqweeks worse on a cold day and hardly sqweeks on a hot day. I have lubricated all my pivot joints for my steering, and when I put the car up on jacks it won’t do it at all!!!
Can you guys give me any suggestions, It would help me out a lot, it is driving me nuts…

Is your car lowered? might be your rack-n-pinion

suspension sqweek

It started to sqweek even before I lowerd my car???

i think my rack and pinion is making some sqeeking and weird noises likes it needs lubrication or something when i turm the steering wheel, how can i stop it? Also, my bushings stop sqeeking when it rains and my local shop wants $300 to change them.do i have any other options? i tried wd-40 and transmission fluid.What product in particular could i use to stop the bushings or do i have no choice but to replace them