ST Rear Sway bar question

I just bought a used rear sway bar for $80
There is grease on the bushings, should I re-grease them and if so what kind of grease should I buy???

i didn’t grease mine up and i never noticed any noises. But max (e-da9) said his was noisy before he greased it up.

I lubed up my camber kit with some cheapo $.99 super thick grease i found at kragen. I got about 12oz of the stuff. the thicker the better (and make sure its not water based).

ST recommends that you lube up their bushings with moly grease. It is a silicone or lithium based grease, either one will work. It works REALLY well too.


actually my rear sway never squeaked…but I think it stiffened up my rear end causing my hatch to squeak.

Here’s the deal: take some teflon tape, wrap it around the sway bar (part where the bushings go) then apply white lithium grease onto the mounting points.

whoops, my bad. I just thought i remembered you saying something about that before.


i lubed mine with mobil 1 grease. no problems so far.

I used anti seize on mine