start solenoid button

My car wont start when I turn the key to the start position, since im so busy I just want to bypass the ignition switch and getto rig my seleniod to a switch till I get enough time to fix the ignition switch. I am currently starting my car using a wire. I put one end of the wire to the solenoid plug and the other to the positive of the battery. Wnat I want to do is the same thing but run a switch to the inside of the car so I wont have to go under the hood everytime I need to start my car. Ok now to my point. I want to know what amperage swich will I need for that. I looked in the haynes manual and it just shows a wiring diagram but no amperage. If you could tell me the amprage or close to it I would need would be of great help. Thank you for your help.:slight_smile: