Starter Fell Off!

car has been having issues with starting for the past couple months

kinda “Weak/boggy” starts…
then today, as i was off work, i tried to turn the car on,… sounded like a choke. then re crank you can here the clicking and eveything else but no turnover… then a CLUNK CLUNK … i popped the hood to find my start dangling … the flange was SHEEREd off from the bolt! seriously how does this happen. and im going to ask anyways but i doubt ill get one person to actually say but, has this happened to anyone before?

i have not touched the starter since i owned the car which was 5-6 years ago. what a bust… lately nothing but troubles with my car. neways i had to get it towed and its being inspected… sucks… public transit for the next couple days.

i feel your pain man. ive been having starting issues my self. its now turned into a phantom problem. no idea what so ever as to what it is…neways that really sucks. and ive never heard of a starter breaking like that. hate to say it but sounds like a new tranny or just tranny case

new tranny case?how so? doesnt the starter bolt onto the block? the flange on the start is what broke…

im having issues with my starter too i go to turn the key and the dash just starts flashing like mad

i think im gonna get some new copper things that spin on the inside of the starter casing . i dont knwo what they are called