Starter going bad??

Hey guys,

When I try starting my car, this only happens sometimes, I get nothing but a click, my battery is fine cuz everything else works properly but if I keep turning the key, it comes and starts like nothing is wrong. I think I either have a loose cable on my starter or I need a new one. Please confirm. Thanx

hmmmmm…is this the right forum? but anyways, I think it could possibly the starter contacts. I’m not sure what the name of the part is, but there are two copper (if I remember correctly) metal contacts inside the starter. These two conducct power to the starter to spin the gear when the starter gear jumps out. Over time, the contacts wear out and don’t make a proper contact. Go to the Dealership and ask them for the parts. Disconnect the battery, take out your starter motor and disassemble the top part of the motor. Remember where everything is exactly and replace the contacts, this is an easy job…the hardest part after taking the off the bolts to the starter motor is trying to maneuver it through all the surrounding parts to get it out so you can work on it. Good luck.

thanx alot, i’ll try it