starter noise

i swapped my ls from one shell into another, the shell that i put the motor into has the battery relocated in the trunk. Now when i start my car it makes like a loud scratch/grinding noise when it starts, also the wire that goes to the starter smokes for a second when you start the car

Sounds like the starter is going out or not centered right,or the wires are loose/dirty. I would also recheck the wiring to the battery just to be safe.

when it was on the other car it was fine, also after the first couple times of starting it on the car the motor is in now. but i noticed also that the bolts for the starter werent tight the were only on there far enough to start the threads

You can’t run the starter if the bolts aren’t tight. You will fuck the teeth up on the flywheel,starters have alot of torque. Not only that,but you can overheat the starter (witch explains the smoke).

mine made that noise when the solenoid went out. u should go pick up a used starter for $40 and rebuild it. the rebuild kit it 30 bucks. id double check all the wires just to be safe