Starter Problem

so i decided to finally give in & get my integra checked out…but in order for it to start i have to put my starter back in & pop the clutch…

i put both the bolts in my starter connecting them to the engine. I screwed in the top mount first a bit, then screwed in the bottom mount till it was snug (not tight so i could get some free play w/ the upper bolt) anyways i got it to about 1cm or so left…its tight as tight…i didn’t want to break it but the bolt still has 1+cm left. i was wondering did i need to unbolt it & turn the gear a bit & put it back in & retighten it

SIMPLE: did i put the starter in so the gear didn’t match the gear in the engine (the tooths didn’t slide in, instead they are touching each other vertically instead of horizoltally…if you confused…oh well but i will try 2 explain it better if any1 needs more info

the starter shouldnt be touching the flywheel at all. The only time it should be touching is when you start the car. It should pop right in. I would take the starter out and pop the clutch and bring to the shop or where ever your goin to bring it.

ok…well now i screwed myself over so bad…literally

i thought maybe some threads were a little too close or w.e got streched so forth and so on…so this time i continued to use the wrench to get it in…the fucking bolt broke w/ about 98% of the threads in the bolt hole…what can i do now?..LOL i’m going to :bawl:!!! :bang: :uhoh: :argh:

BTW “da9_4door” - rn’t all 2nd gen 4drs db1’s?


:bump: come on some1 has to know a way :’(

:wahmb: Go to sears and get one of these: Screw Extractor:violin: It should come right out since the threads were not siezed.

LOL come on this happened to my friends truck & he redrilled the hole & rethreaded it…it seemed like a ***** :"( LOL

anyways your link didn’t work. so i googled screw extractor & went to the acehardware link & the kit says not for hardened screws or bolts…& the bolt is hardened. every place i went to to find another bolt because i thought i had the wrong one said “wow this bolt is really blah blah blah” anyways…& also my friend said he tried this with a stainless steel bolt & it wouldn’t drill through…

if i brought it to a dealership they would be able to fix it right?
my friend said he wasted $130 for them to get his bolt out & put in a new 1 LOL, but w/ integra starter bolts they have to be specialy ordered from acura since they are 10x1.25