Starter Question..

Hey does anybody know if the starters from 90-93 are interchangable? I have found out that the bendix or “starter Drive”'s are different but the 90-93 teg had all the same flywheel… was the casing of the manual tranny different from the 90-91 s1 to the 92-93 ys1? The reason i ask is because i’m putting a s1 in my 92 and i don’t want to mess my flywheel teeth cuz thats just more headache. And starters aren’t exactly cheap either. So i would hate to have to buy the 90-91 for no reason. If anybody has any input at all i would really appreciate it. Thanks

as far as i know all of the bseries starters should be interchangable, i think this has been discussed here a while back i look around and see if i can find it theres a link

Thanks i searched but came up empty :think:

yeah they are