Starter re-install question

im tryin to put a starter on my 91 GS and i could have sworn when i took it out there were 3 wires. 1 form the positive battery terminal, one coming out of the engine harness witha female connector end and then another that i assumed was a ground.

now im back in there and i see the terminal wire, the female ended one and thats it! can anyone tell me where that ground wire eminates from?
i looked high and low and i cant find it anywhere, maybe its hanging out of sight?
pls help.:shrug:

There is no ground, the case of the starter itself is the ground. :wink: should be set to get once those 2 wires are connected.


when i look at the starter there is one connection on the bottom and two on top. the one on the bottom doesnt have an external connection?

success! i apologize for my noobyness:bowdown: