starter relay???

i have been in chevys for a long time… but i love my DA… now i am having problem where the starter is taking longer and longer to kick on… some here say it may be the main fuel relay… but does that control the starter??? some say the ignition switch may be the culprit, yet when i turn the key to the start position and wait for the starter to turn over you can hear the fuel pump running continuously… so the ignition switch is triggering the pump and obviously the main relay is triggering the pump… so i am stumped, because the dealer charges about $60+ for each part, so i’d rather not buy what i don’t have to. also i am not sure if my automatic teg has a starter relay… if it does can someone please tell me where i can find it??? also one more thing… when my brother went to start it the other day the strater would not turn at all, then his foot rested on the brake pedal, and when he pushed the brake pedal down all the sudden the starter jumped to life… i dunno if that is just a coincedence or if i am on to something… i always hear about the shift position sensor causink getting key out problems. i have never had problems getting the key out, but could that switch be telling my car not to start til that no shift til brake pedal switch engages?? but that was only once i have noticed though and some times the starter starts right up, and sometimes the starter works great, but the teg has that tell tale spin but no start… i know a nightmare indeed, but any… i do mean any help would be greatly appreciated. sorry for the long post…:frowning:

Sounds the same as my problem. And to answer your question, the auto does not have a starter relay. With mine I am almost 100% sure that it is the ignition switch. I have taken everything else out of the equation.

blackteg?? what year is your b16, and is it a smog legal turbo kit??

It is a 1990 jdm motor. And the turbo is not in the least bit smog legal. No cat, vents to atmosphere and most of the emissions components have been removed.

yeah i have a 93 automatic with 140,000 miles thinkin about what i can put in it, and still past sniffer with not much trouble… also if you swap a motor in at get it bar smogged so it is legal, then your car gets smogged as the same year as motor right, so then could you put a legal turbo for taht year motor and still be smog legal??

sorry just something i have been pondering