Starter Troubles (Heat Related?)

Hey guys. Lately I’ve been having quite some trouble starting my car in the hot weather here in Vancouver. It would start fine in the morning when I go to work, but once I park it and leave it off for several minutes, it won’t fire up until it has cooled down again- approximately 3 hours give or take. I’ve done some searching beforehand and this thread from a couple years back seem to sound similar to the same symptoms I’m having. I actually went ahead and bought what I thought was the starter relay, but is actually the ignition switch because I’m retarded.

So far, I’ve found two temporary solutions to start the car:


  • Jump the car
  • Hit the starter in a specific area that sparks when touched (yeah completely bad idea, but it works) [/LIST]

    I’ve made a small clip and uploaded it onto youtube so you guys have a better understanding of what I’m trying to talk about. When I turn the key, I can hear a whine, which I’m guessing is the fuel pump? You can faintly hear it in the video.

  • Sounds like your fuel pump and Mr are OK, from what you are saying. If you have access to the starter relay under the dash behind the center console, you can feel it click when you turn the key.

    Just tried that right now and yes, I do feel a click when I’m touching the starter relay while someone else is turning the key.