starting issues

Hey guys new to G2IC but not to new to DA’s. About seven months ago i was able to get my hands on a 91 RS and have had a bit of a rocky road with her. bad motor, busted ball joints, blown out struts and broken starter. At this point im sure ive saved a DA from the scrape heap and I couldnt think of parting with her. but as of the last week i encountered another issue, no crank no start. I stated at the usual source of the problem, the starter, and have worked my way through about every associated system till i hit the ignition, and this my friends is where ive hit a wall. At this point im at a loss on how to continue. after diggin into the dash a bit its apparent that the last few owners had no idea what they were doing, one tried to wire power doors and windows, another tried to self wire an alarm. Im trying to stay positive and make this DA become the jewel it deserves to be, shes lived a hard life an deserves an owner who gives a damn. So if anyone could be of some assistance that would be much appreciated. I know my way around a car but im surely no expert especially when it comes to electrics. Again any help would be VERY appreciated.

If you’ve gone from the ignition to the starter, I’m not really sure. You did say you completely swapped the motor correct? My eyes light up when I hear that, there’s so many things that can be unhappy.

You say the car dosent crank? Does everything else work such as radio lights and everything else?

First, this is posted in the wrong forum. Try it in stock engine bay components.

Check engine grounds
Check clutch switch if it is manual.