Starting Issues

Alright, I do not think this is a MFR issue.
My issue is my car will not start some times, no cracking what so ever. Both the starter relay and MFR are clicking and the fuel pump is coming on. Seems like the starter motor isn’t turning.

I had this issue some time last year and had the starter rebuilt. However it has now returned and is happening more often (daily it seems).
I let the car sit over night and in the morning it’s a bitch to get it to start, I keep trying and trying an finally after say 20 minutes or so it will start.

Any ideas?

No one?

remove ur starter and clean up all the contacts for wiring. even clean the nut that holds the wire. then check the tightness of that one female connector. clean all ur grounds… then b4 re-installing ur starter… get it tested. get ur battery tested too while ur at it and if needed do some maintenance to ur battery. that should be a good starting point.

Jumped the car today and it started.

Gonna get a new one tomorrow.

If it’s not your starter, check your distributor. I had the same problem where it won’t even crank in the morning. When I jump the car, it would fire up. It still had the problem even after I replaced the battery. It turned out the distributor shaft which spins the rotor is stuck.

oops yea i forgot to mention that if ur battery seems low, then it could mean ur alternator isn’t charging ur car. voltage of a good battery is about 12.2-12.6v. when on u should be getting about 14.5v or so.

G2 racer- Ever thought it would be a current drain? Use a digital meter to test the bat. If your interested, I’ll show you how. Very easy to test.

always diagnose the problem before you go replacing parts :tsk: if your alternator’s shot, replacing the battery is like throwing $100 into a shredder… it doesn’t get you anywhere and you’re gunna be really pissed…

I did a load test plus the battery proved to have a bad cell.
Issue has been fixed now.

k good :slight_smile: sticks foot in mouth