Starting problem --inconsistent

hey guys, when I go out to the car in the morning I turn the key, the dash lights come on, the seat belts motor into place, but the engine doesn’t even turn over. It’s exactly as if I didn’t have the clutch depressed. I turn the key again- nothing. I turn it again, and this time it starts no problem. It normally takes about 3 tries to start it. The colder the engine is the worse the symptoms.

The battery is one week old, the terminals are tight.

It’s a manual transmission

183050 miles

The seat belts and accessories run strongly before starting the car.

My guesses:

It’s maybe a loose connection in the ignition switch or at the starter.

Or it could be something screwy with the clutch safety switch. I adjusted the clutch and clutch pedal height about a month ago but these symptoms only began about 2 weeks ago.

What do you think?

Thanks, guys!

Have you tried replacing the Starter Relay?

Aside from the relay, you should check the Clutch Interlock Switch, and the last thing I can think of would be the Starter.

your starter or ignition is faulty for sure.

Mine is doing the exact same thing since the weather has gotten colder. Since I have a new starter, I’m suspecting something in my distributor to my ignition (MSD w/blaster coil) This morning I jiggled the connections and BAM! started right up. My distributor has over 140K miles on it, think it’s time for a rebuild anyway.

I had the same problem. Check the connections at the starter. there is a small wire on the starter with a female spade ternimal (speaker terminal) make sure that it is hooked up with a tight connection. My wire had worked it’s way loose and was just close enough for the current to arch to the terminal. I bought a new starter then found the problem when I went to install it. Now I have a brand new starter sitting on the shelf. Acura will not accept returns of electrical units if they are removed from the sealed box. $280.00 on the shelf, Oh well I’ll just put it on the B16 that I’m going to pick up on Monday.

try chekin ur ignition switch may startin to go bad