Steam cleaning carpets

Ok here goes, all it takes to get your carpets much cleaner. also helps with smell too!

First off, remove the seats, unplug the seatbelt plug and then remove the ebrake cover if you want. In my particular setup I’m in the middle of an auto-manual swap so I had everything out anyways. Second, either rent a Rug Doctor or other steam cleaner that has the hose attachment, I don’t think you could get that huge cleaner into your teg :lol: Or in my case use the household steam cleaner (Hoover SteamVac Dual V from walmart). Before you start with the cleaning you must vaccum the carpet very well and put any plugs/wires under the carpet to keep away from the water. Once the carpet is free from dirt and everything is out of the way it’s time to use the steam cleaner. For most you fill one tank with very hot water and fill the soap tank with the recommended cleaner. Next hook up the attachment hose and plug it in. This next step can be done any way you want but i first put the steam cleaner or rinse and sprayed the first section very well then used the brush on the attachment to loosen any deep dirt. Next I switched it to “wash” and just scrubbed and went over each part at least twice. I then put it back on rinse and just slowly dragged the attachment across the rug a few times to get the soap out. Finally, I just went over the carpet numerous times just on vaccum to suck up as much of the water as possible. Once you do a section move on the next, and make sure to let it dry well before replacing seats and floor mats. Do the process again on the trunk area and the mats if you wish. Even though your interior may look clean it most likely will suck up tons of black water and carpet junk. Hope this article is sufficient, email me or post if you got any ?'s or i forgot to mention something. The pICS!!



water afterwards:


have fun!