Steamy new front windscreen problem

I had a new windscreen fitted last year, and ever since it steams up almost everytime i drive it. If someone else gets in, its gets really bad, even on a normal 20degree autumn day. Not humid or anything.

But from the passenger side bottom corner of the windscreen, this wave appears along the bottom, and it getting worse. It was fine until i used my windscreen washers. And above that wave is where the fogging starts. Ive cleaned it properly inside, but i reckon they didnt install it properly, or its poor quality glass?

I did take it back to them and they said it was moisture build up from my sunroof, but i fixed that and its been dry inside for months, so maybe water is getting in along the bottom. They havent put the seal back on very well either. I’ll be going back to them, but wouldnt mind a second or third opinion, as not much comes up with the searches i tried on google.


Check to see if ANYWHERE in your carpet is wet. Check passenger floorboards, rear seats, and trunk. It sounds like you have a leak and when the car is heating up, you’re getting condensation. This sounds very similar to when I noticed the notorious passenger floor board leak from the beneat the windshield cowl several years ago. It may be a coincidence from when the winshield was replaced, but keep in mind that they probably damaged the delicate plastic cowl components.

When I had my windshield replaced recently, I removed all that stuff myself because no one cares more for your car than you.

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Theres no wet carpet or anything, ive been checking regularly. Sunroof drains are fine, no leaks anywhere inside the cabin.

The previous owner fixed the notorious heater leak too, years before i bought it. This has only started happening since they replaced the windscreen, and it started happening almost straight away after i picked it up.

I went to a restorer too, but not happy with the quality of their work. I’ll have another look, but i think theres maybe water sitting under the cowelling somewhere, where it shouldn’t be, because they’ve not put the trims back on properly.

I might have to sell the car now, times are pretty tough with the rise of inflation.

Turned out to be the sunroof drainage hose had come loose.

Was your sunroof itself OK?

Yeah, my sunroofs fine.