Steering clunking *researched and stumped*

So when I’m turning my car, there is a clunking sound. It does it when the car is off, on, moving, etc. I can also grab the top of my steering wheel and pull it back and forth and it is loose. I’m thinking something to do with the steering column? I have no idea. It’s definitely not axles or anything like that. So if the car is off, and I put the key in the ignition so it doesn’t lock, and turn side to side, it makes the noise. Also got my brother to sit in the car and turn it all the way to one side and turn the wheel slightly so it makes the noise. When I put my hand on the tie rods I can feel it. The rack itself isn’t moving around excessively or anything. Sorry if this all seems a little jumbled my laptop is about to die and I broke my charger haha

Sounds like it’s steering rack/tie rod related. I would get it on jack stands, crawl under there, and see where the slop is coming from. Good luck!

Well my rack has been leaking since I got the car, but it’s only started the noises recently. Whrn my bro was turning the wheels, the tie rods had no signs of play at all. Could it possibly be the joint in the steering column?

dont you have springs and struts on teh car right now, but plan on replacing w/ sleeves and new struts?

The car just got some Megan Racing sleeves, but the noise was there before when I was on my Skunk2 springs

did you replace your top hats?