Steering rack needs help...

Has anyone serviced their steering rack before?
The boots on mine are wasted and the mechanic that I use (when necessary only!) recommends to replace the rack (~$600 P&L). Does anyone else think that might be a little extreme?
I have looked inside of the boots and it doesn’t have debris in there. I don’t have any clicking/grinding noises when I drive.
Is there something that I am missing here?


I’ve had my rack replaced. A rebuilt rack is around $160 and labor was $200. With tax and fluid it was around $380 or something like that. $600 is way too much.

One of my boots was leaking too. The mechanic said when the boots go it means it can’t really be repaired. (I really trust this guy too). I talked to him about the whole thing and what he said made sense, but I don’t remember it now :stuck_out_tongue:

$600 is WAY too much though.