Steering wheel interupting stereo?

This is a strange problem I been having for a while so I’d thought i post it. Anywho, everytime I cut the wheel in a certain direction…sometimes the stereo just shuts off…I dont know how it happens…there’s no wires hook around the steering column or anything…Anyone got a clue?

:hmm: Probably the ign. switch, the acc. contact inside the switch is bad.
Does this only happen when you are driving? Is it only when you turn in one direction? Can you make it happen if you are just sitting in one spot?

Try this, turn ign. to the run position, see if you can get the stereo to cut out, if you can, switch ign. back to the acc. position and see if it cuts out there, if it does not, it is the ign. switch for sure. :cross: 94