Steering wheel locks while turning..

Everytime I try to turn the steering wheel (right or left) it locks up in the middle of the turn. You have to kind of wiggle it or move it back and forth to come undone. I don’t know what it is. I was turning right one day, and the steering wheel was like it was hung or something and wouldn’t turn anymore. I slowed down and moved the wheel left and right real quick, and it become unhung. Right now I have the wheels and control arms off the car (new bushings) and I can still turn the steering wheel and it lock up. Could it be the steering rack going bad? Inner tie rods? Let me know if you guys have ever had this problem. Thanks,


Sounds like the steering lock on the ignition cylinder is catching.

That’s exactly what it feels like. It feels like when you turn the wheel without the key and it locks. How would I go about checking that? Thanks,


It might be tough if it’s intermittent. I’d try pulling the ignition cylinder out to see if the steering lock isn’t retracting all of the way. I’d also check to see if your steering column is damaged at all where the steering lock fits into it.

Thanks bro,

I will give it a try. What would be the odds of it being the steering rack? The reason I ask is I already have my motor pulled and don’t want to put it in, then have to replace the steering rack. Thanks,


I’d be suprised if it’s not something to do with the steering lock just because of the symptoms. I’ve never heard of a steering rack lock up randomly like that, but I suppose it could be possible.

The ignition cylinder Bender-san is talking about is the only thing I have seen “catch” the steering wheel. :iagree: I would also be surprised if it is the rack. Have you had any other trouble with the rack that would lead you to believe that is the cause?

No. I haven’t had any other problems with the rack. I just didn’t want to put the motor back in, and then it turn out to be the rack. I guess I will try the cylinder before I put in the motor just to be sure. I’ll keep it updated for anyone else that may ever have this problem. Thanks,


Yes, definitely let us know what your findings are. It seems that as soon as I read of a problem that I’ve not yet encountered with a teg that mine decides to go and induce the same problem.