steering wheel or brakes?

Odd thing happened yesterday. I was on the fast lane trailing a car when the driver stepped on the brakes hard causing me to do the same also. I turned my steering wheel a little to the left so I can veer on to the shoulder to prevent rear ending the guy. I didn’t have to, but what happened next was weird. My steering wheel just jerked to the right and then to the left and then to the right again, without my doing, making my car swerve left and right. Fortunately, I didn’t spin out or hit anybody. My ABS light is on, but I’m not sure if it had any part in it. Anybody know why this may have happened?

Thanks for your input.

if you locked the brakes at all for a second and it hasnt happened in your car in a while, your ABS system could be on the fritz, mine acted all sorts of hokey after you hit ABS.
before i went non-abs, if i braked hard enough to hit ABS, the light would come on and the passenger side rear wheel would lock up everytime i hit the brakes after that until i turned the car off and back on again, then it would work right.
20 year old ABS systems are pretty horrible comparative to todays ABS systems.
ive proven, time and time again with a pBox, that i can outbreak most factory ABS systems via threshold braking. imagine how much better you would stop if you didnt have the hindrance of some voodoo 20 year old electronics. remember what computers were like in the early 90s? imagine how well they controlled braking systems of that era.

i say go find a suitable patch of private pavement and test out your ABS system, replicate the situation and see what happens.
i HIGHLY suggest ditching your ABS system. cost to repair, the dangers of faulty ABS and 20 year old electronics make me scared.