steering wheel removal

nvm, found a diy on teg tips :manual:


I had to say something, It’s funny how you posted this, when you told me how to take off the steering wheel. :lol:

r u serious? wat i told u worked? lol i was just guessing… :dance: how hard was it to pry off the middle part? i dont wanna break it :frowning:

ok…its really easy…just pop off the center cap…if u have a 90-91 then use a screwdriver and carefully pry it off…my 92 i can take it off with my hands…make sure when you do this your wheel is straight…that way u dont have a crooked steering wheel. if it is not straight then take it off and try again. i think the bolt might be a 19mm…not to sure though.

oh yea and disconnect the horn after u take the bolt off and pull the wheel towards you and you will see the clip.

Middle part?

Dude, I dont really remember, except that it was easy.

I unscrewed the nut holding on the steering wheel then took it off, then this little ring thing, then there was I think, 2 screws holding the switch thing in place. Also a couple of wire harnesses to disconnect, but that was it.

I told you the only hard part I had to deal with was because, I didn’t have a long enough phillips screwdriver, but I managed to use my flathead one, and the screws came out like butter. If you dont see the screws, look carefully. I didn’t see them at first either.

IF its hard use a gear puller :blah: