Steering Wheel ?

The wheel on my teg is fading really bad all the way around. I want to get another one, i was wondering if the steering wheels off other trims will fit my rs??

Yea im pretty sure all trims have the same steering wheel.

Rs does not have cruise control. ls, gs wheels will bolt on but you will probably need the contact ring also. My ls has 3 contacts on the slip ring but i think the rs has only one. pull your wheel off and check it out.

One other point - 90-91 steering wheels are 3 spoke, 92-93 are 4 spoke (for lack of a better word).

you can use a 91 Crx wheel:up:. that is what i have on mine.

anyone know if a 92 GSR 4-point steering wheel will fit on my 90 ls?

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yes it will fit… u just have to change the horn contact. there like a copper color ring on the 91 take it off and put it on to the 92 and the horn should work … i think thats what i did. been a long time. and as for cruise control. i jus disconnected it and used the ‘accel’ button for something else… it does accelerate though…lol