steps to changing fuel filter?

can you give me step by step instructions on changing the fuel filter? i know where it is and i know you must unplug the battery first. then what do i do? Do i just unplug the fuel line and plug in the new one? i’ve seen it done on my car, but haven’t tried and would like to learn.

1 un hook battery
2 relieve the fool pressure by removing rear gas cap and un screwing slightly the 10 or 12mm bolt that holds the fuel line that goes to the intake manifold… some gas will come out so have a rag handy
3 continue by removing the two larger bolts that hold both fuel lines on… once again fuel will come out and will continue to come out of intake man line due to fuel in the rail, so have the rag handy still…
4 remove the 2 bolts that hold the bracket on and remove from car be carefull filter is full of fuel…( can skip but makes it easier)
5 remove bolt that holds filter to bracket and replace filter
install reverse of removal and then turn key to on position withought starting to recharge fuel system and then let car idle for few minutes

also this was all in the teg tips so check those out before ya post a Q, much easier

thanks, i did a search :stuck_out_tongue: but didn’t expect it to be on teg tips.

make sure you have some extra copper washers. i did mine and i could not get the gasoline to stop leaking, until several trials with new washers.

make sure you leak test it several times and check it periodically just to make sure.

also, be sure to torque the bolts properly so that the through holes in the bolts line up with the fuel lines.