Stereo Advice.

Hey Guys,

As some of you may or may not know, My Teggy and my bro’s Srt 4 got broken into and our stereos got jacked. I have an appointment to get new glass put in the driver side window of my car Thursday afternoon between 3pm and 5pm. Anyways, I have been shopping around on Craigslist for new stereos. There are some really nice ones. But they all go for $50 to $100 a stereo. For that kind of price, Wouldnt it be best to buy a brand new stereo from Wally World or wherever is more convenient? If im spending $50 to $100 on a used one, I can spend alittle more and get one fresh out of the box. I know it’s ultimately my decision on the route I want to go, But I’d like to get some opinions from everybody on what you think would be best. I was thinking I’d buy a brand new stereo from wally world or wherever and then I would buy a new speakerbox with speakers off of craigslist.

Opinions and Advice much appreciated.

well, it all depends on what you’re looking for/prefer. And do you like the new models or the older models. which brings me to this, older models are always used. if you don’t really care then might as well buy a brand new one. i myself like and have the older models…the alpine 9815 and the alpine 9855…but i would love to get my hands on the 9835, of course for the right price. <----these are very pricey for a used one…for me the new school alpine sucks. :slight_smile:

Not to sound like a prick, but from what I’ve read, you and your bro need alarms before tunes.
Also buy decks new. Subs and amps CL.

im not sure if you’re asking for advice on stereo equipment or actual buying advice…

either way its ultimately up to you whether you buy used or new.
if you’re comparing apples to apples then yes of course buy new if its the same price i mean who wouldnt…

if you’re searching for a good quality SQ HU and u pick it up for $100… why would you even compare it to the avg sony / jvc units they sell new in walmart?

well i wont even go further into that since you’re looking at units there anyways.

me personally i dont like buying head units used… bad experiences with them on at least 2 alpine units, one lower end and one higher end.

you can find new pioneer cd players with detach face for 60 bucks on ebay, I just bought one.

if you want something simple to use, detachable face plate, quality sound with out using amps (not the subs), and worth the money. ALPINE, their warranty is good too. but never had a problem from them. Pioneer isnt the same anymore. JVC = BLAH:bs: kendwood is koo, alright i guess.:hmm: sony is, well pointless. the quality is wack.:nobody: ALPINE is your best bet.

I got a Kenwood exelon like a year ago new from amazon for 120 love it it has built in crossovers and it just looks plain no gay colors or exesive amount of buttons on the face plate