Stereo problem

Alright, I;m having a problem and I think i have it figured out, but i wanna see if any of you have any other oppinions. If this is posted before someone just post the link at the bottom since I searched and didn’t find it and I apoligize in advance if I missed it. OK, I believe my wiring harness (stock) is messed up. With my deck all the way pushed in and my wiring harness normal, none of the speakers work, at all. If i pull the deck out and bend the wires over all the speakers work, but if I leave them straight nothing plays. If i pull on the wires the right amount all four speakers work, but too hard or not enough and nothing works. If i seperate the two sides of the wires away from each other from the loom they work and if not they don’t. ATM I have my deck sitting a lil forward out of it’s spot and my wires pulled through and held to the cage to make my speakers work temporally. I think I just need a new harness and I plan on re-wiring my 4 speakers, anything else I should look at? Or is my thinking wrong?

makes sense. to make sure you should use a voltmeter to test the leads. under 10bucks at radioshack.